Fighting Fair With Unfair Social Pressures

Posted: July 9, 2013 in From Me To You, Referrals
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I have been listening to a lot of dialogue in the past month or so on the LGBT issue. I have made friends who stand on both sides of the debate, and I have discovered that some of my friends were on sides I did not previously realize. One of the key things in debates is to keep your cool. I have heard this concept in relation to marriage many a time, but it is a principle that can and should be applied in all situations of potential conflict, especially when the subject is one as hot as the LGBT debate currently is in America and in the Church. Here is a link to a page on the blog run by the youth director at the church where I am currently interning. It discusses some of the basic principles of fighting fair that, sadly, are being blatantly disregarded by parties on both sides of the issue. It does not argue a particular standpoint in the debate, but it does offer valuable tips on how to be consistent and considerate in your beliefs and communication.


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