Love Your Community

Posted: July 31, 2013 in From Me To You
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HeartJeremiah 29:4-7 was written in the period of Israel’s exile, and it calls for Israel to appreciate their present environment despite being among their oppressors. That attitude was important for their cultural interaction and survival, much as it is important for the cultural interaction and survival of the Church today. As difficult as it may be to love one’s community because of the politics, the problematic businesses, or any other local issue, we must still take the principle of community appreciation and love, as we are exiled in a strange place among those who do not follow God. Here is a prayer I wrote based on this passage to give you a start in loving your community:

Lord of knowledge, Father of goodness, God of love, You are the one who moves us through life. You bring us to the doorway of opportunity. You alone can see our true thoughts and attitudes as we step into the path You lay before us. Sharpen our minds to live rightly among these people. Grant us Your wisdom to see the good in this city. Melt our hearts with compassion toward those who position themselves between us and Your will. Bless our lives that we may present those blessings with open hands to those who live here, in this community; that we may spread Your love  and Your power to those around us; that we may be transformed into beacons of hope to those in the darkness. All of this to Your purposes, not ours. All of this for Your glory, not that of our leaders. All of this in love for You and for our present community. Amen.


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