Power Over Me

Posted: November 18, 2013 in From Me To You
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ComputerThe power went out last night. Sometime between nine o’clock and nine-thirty, my computer shut off to a cacophony of silence echoing throughout the rest of the house. As many of you may do, I sat there for a second, unsure of what to do. We have become so comfortable in our technologically driven lives that we almost seem to trust more in the solidity of the modern world than that of God. After all, we rarely get all green lights on the way to work, but the power grid stays up all but once or twice a year.

Another side effect of becoming so comfortable in our lifestyle is the lack of communication in the home. Despite the six months that I’ve spent getting to know my host family here in Ann Arbor, I typically spend maybe a few hours downstairs with them each week — if that. I could partially justify it by the early mornings and late nights with working at the church and different social events, but there have still been plenty of chances for me to spend more than just the occasional evening with them.

But you know the funny thing? Within five minutes of the lights going out, I was downstairs and didn’t come back upstairs to go to bed until around eleven o’clock — several hours before I usually go to bed and a while before the rest of the family usually goes to bed. It’s amazing what power electricity holds over us, isn’t it? While keeping so many of us apart with one hand, it simultaneously keeps us on a different sleeping schedule than we would have had a mere one hundred years ago. Sleep is so essential to one’s well-being, but a small hunk of metal and plastic, paired with a few ones and zeros, can still come before said health. Ask my fiancée, and she’ll tell you that happens a bit too often…

Wouldn’t it be nice, however harrowing it may sound, to have a regularly scheduled power outage to help people spend some time together? Some families have a simple rule that no phones are allowed at the dinner table (yes, some still do dinner together). These ideas may help as I move forward to my wedding at the end of this year and into the following few years.


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