Done In A Jiffy…

Posted: February 2, 2014 in From Me To You
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EngineThe title of this post has multiple meanings. I chose the phrase because it quite succinctly and sarcastically embodies the lesson my wife and I have learned this past week or so. Here’s the backstory.

My wife and I returned from Arkansas a few weeks ago, having finished a week-long working interview for a worship position at a church there. While we were gone, her family’s trusted mechanic was prepping her old car for our move, either to Michigan for a temporary job or to Arkansas for a more substantial one. What we didn’t know was that he had changed the oil as well and left other things in particular alone. He had his reasons for doing so, only we picked up the car while he was gone so he didn’t have the chance to explain.

My wife went to get an oil change while I did some other things to prepare to move. While she was at the jiffy lube shop (yes, referenced in the title), they upsold her several extra services that I myself may have fallen for, since I have never been good with engines. The problem is that these were the very things that the family mechanic had left alone.

See, when a car has missed its regular maintenance schedule, gunk builds up in several of the lubrication systems. In our case, the shop did an engine flush, a transmission flush, and a power steering flush. They even brought her samples of the fluids as they were and as they should be. What’s wrong with doing a bit of maintenance, you ask?

You know that gunk I mentioned above? Well, she drove in with power steering and drove out without it. Their flush dislodged buildup that made its way into the power steering fluid filter and subsequently into the pump. $500 later with my parents’ mechanics, the filter is ripped and the problem may come back in the near future. Then again, it might not.

Here are the different meanings of the title for you. It was done fairly quickly. The car was serviced in a jiffy lube shop. The power steering was subsequently shot… in a jiffy lube shop.

You may have picked up on my frustration just a bit. If so, good job! You’re on your way to avoiding the same problems in future!

The moral of the story? Don’t get anything more than a simple oil change in a jiffy shop. They’re trained to upsell services to you, even if that means neglecting to tell you that the service that you think needs to be done will actually ruin your car. Oh, and don’t fall for the story that it’s probably a “jumping belt” that’s causing your problems. They don’t deal with those, which makes it a nice scapegoat.

Oh, and that link was my way of introducing some theological discussion into this otherwise theology-free post. Nice to know the background of the term, though.


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