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Posted: May 27, 2014 in From Me To You
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Paper DrawingIn my post at the end of April, I said that it was important to give your team resources to sharpen them up. Well, I’ve got another resource for you. If you’ve read my article on analog mixers, you may have wanted to share that information with the others in your ministry. The problem is that the article is pretty well a matter of sending someone the link and letting them go at it on their own time, on their own initiative.

But what if there were a way to give them that information in a more tangible form? What if you could cut out a lot of the extra material and get someone jump-started even more quickly, in less time? That could mean the difference between depending solely on one good sound guy and having a few mediocre backups until you can get them better trained.

I’ve been working on a condensed version of that article, and I’ve finished a revised version as a PDF handout. It contains information taken directly from the longer article with only the most vital sections included. It totals just over 16 pages of information with a few extra pages for notes.

I used an old draft in a training session where I interned last year. If you feel confident enough to lead a session (or have someone who is), I recommend that you do the same! The way that I structured it was a one-hour lecture session, a short break, then a one-hour hands-on session, with the attendees seeing how EQ works, how gain pots and meters work, how to set up a new input, etc. In the end, I believe that the session was received quite well by all those involved.

One experienced sound guy, two hours, and a stack of handouts later, and you can have a handful of individuals prepped and ready to dive into the world of mixing! Of course, it will be just a crash course, but that’s far better than no backup sound engineers. Let me know if you would like any advice or further resources, and as always: Learn it and share it!


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