About This Blog

Benjamin and AlexandraA blog that aims to provide a means of learning from one another, Learn It And Share It is designed to provide thoughtful commentary on the Christian life, encourage a love for community, and offer training for musicians and tech teams within the church. Benjamin Carlson runs the blog in his spare time, bringing his life experiences into a position to spark conversation and learning.

Benjamin was born in Princeton, Illinois, and grew up in the Village of Dover. He has five siblings — four brothers and one sister — of whom he is the fourth. He was homeschooled for most of his schooling before college (2nd grade through high school), so he has a slightly different perspective on life than the average American — no, he was not socially deprived. He was exposed to several different denominations growing up, but mainly Assemblies of God. After attending Illinois Valley Community College for several years, he transferred to Huntington University in Indiana with A.A. and A.S. in hand. Majoring in Worship Leadership at HU with minors in Bible & Theology and Music, he embarked on his PRIME internship at the Vineyard Church of Ann Arbor in Michigan for seven months before marrying Alexandra Jones.

Benjamin has been passionate for fostering knowledge and interpersonal understanding within the church for many years. His desire for Christian unity has only grown as he has experienced wildly varying approaches to ministry. He anticipates and welcomes discussion concerning hard topics, but with the understanding that the discussion will not be an attempt to push one person’s ideals on another at the expense of relationship. Instead, discussion is to be used as a tool for better understanding both God and one another as we live with God as our ultimate focus rather than our surroundings.

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