What can I say? Everyone’s got their own. The persistent question is how one integrates the priorities of many to appropriately manage the assets of the church. There are a number of different priorities to manage in the church.

Maybe it’s a question of authority. What if your lead pastor asks you to turn the sound up a little but you then have a regular attender ask you to turn it down? That’s not too hard, right? Just do what the lead pastor tells you to do.

But what if the worship leader wants you to turn it up and a board member asks you to turn it down? What if you like to have a live club mix, the worship leader likes a rock concert mix, and an influential deacon likes to have a tame mix with a minimal lower end (bass, kick, etc.)?

Maybe your situation is different altogether, having nothing to do with the direction of the mix, being instead a personnel problem.

Maybe you and one of the other sound guys disagree on how it should sound week to week. Perhaps you oversee the sound team and have a senior team member refuseing to work with a youth in training because of the way he wants to do things.

There are all sorts of these problems that can arise — people-oriented rather than equipment issues. This section is for addressing these particular questions. If you have a situation that you don’t know how to handle, send me a message. I’ve run into some pretty unique people issues in the time I’ve been involved in ministry. I’ll do my best to give you some advice, and it might inspire another example here in this section. No original names will be used, of course, but the relational dynamics could help someone else.