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Holy BibleMankind has a habit.

Mankind has had this habit ever since the Fall.

This habit never fails to cause destruction when indulged, whether out of simple-mindedness, selfishness, or an overreaching attempt to grasp wisdom.

What is this habit? It is corrupting that which is naturally found.



Ball and ChainA song came to my mind today. It was on an album one of my brothers used to have. It’s by an artist named Ian Eskelin, and you can find it on his album Save The Humans. If you haven’t listened to it before, you should track it down and give it some of your time. It’s a fantastic album, full of biblical themes packed into an entertaining rock package.

But most of all, this particular song stuck out to me. It speaks to the raging fires of political correctness that have consumed many of our freedoms and much of our courage today, often weaponized to divide and conquer.


Rolling Pin MiceIn my last post, I talked a bit about how one should exit a church staff position. Unfortunately, many people calling themselves Christians still live a life void of some decidedly basic characteristics vital to the Christian walk.

As James 1:19-26 tells us, a person who does not listen to and apply Scriptural principles in his life has no business claiming religion at all, for his devotion is useless. Ephesians 4 speaks volumes as to the life of a Christian, and any Christian worth his proverbial salt (ha ha) will strive to live his life according to these principles, as they are the core of the godly lifestyle.


Stick Sometimes church sucks. Yeah, I said it.

Here’s what I mean. Some of you may have been through church splits, and some of you have not. Some of you may have been in a church during a “mere” staff transition. Some of you may have even been on staff when it happened. Perhaps some of you have even been the staff who “transitioned” elsewhere.

But here’s the problem: When a staff member leaves, should he or she continue relations with the congregation and/or the staff? What if the executive pastor has a close relationship with his home group but left because of a disagreement with the senior pastor? Can or should the executive pastor maintain a friendship with these friends, especially if there is a chance that his relationship with them may lead to conversations concerning his disagreement with the senior pastor? Change the names and titles of all involved, and you have likely seen or, at the very least, heard of such a situation.


Love HouseIn our recent church staff meetings, our pastor has brought a somewhat new topic to our table. Some of you may have heard the idea before, but most of you have probably heard it more in the context that I have — more of a cousin context than a different form of the idea.

Do you remember the old saying “love the sinner, hate the sin”? Do you remember that one guy who once said that we as Christians should be “in the world but not of it”? These are related concepts, with the difference being an internal, personal screening of sorts versus an external, relational screening.

The problem is that we have focused too much on the second part of each respective phrase rather than the first part. So what’s the big deal? The big deal is the nuance through which you view the world. Do you view the world as a place that is trying to contaminate us with its ways, or do you view the world as a mission field? Do you consider being in the world as a necessary evil or an opportunity to reflect God’s love and compassion to those around you?