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Holy BibleMankind has a habit.

Mankind has had this habit ever since the Fall.

This habit never fails to cause destruction when indulged, whether out of simple-mindedness, selfishness, or an overreaching attempt to grasp wisdom.

What is this habit? It is corrupting that which is naturally found.



Celtic CrossI just posted a short article the other day on the difference between the terms “Catholic” and “catholic” (unique by the capitalization of the “c”). The point is to merely clear up the confusion when someone uses one term or the other, though most confusion will  happen when the term “catholic” is used. Many Protestants will perceive the word as a reference to the Catholic church, yet it is often used in historical documents and by modern pastors and theologians to refer to the catholic Church, the entire collection of believers across the globe which are the Bride of Christ. Check it out if you’ve got some time!